Business.Com References Insights from Base on the Changes of Media Platforms for Generation Z

13 Dec, 2016

Millennial has been the focus of attention in the past few years. However, if you are an agile brand that keeps abreast of the market, you will know that there is a new cohort coming to replace Millennial as the largest workforce with the most buying power that no businesses can afford to overlook.

Though Gen Z can be a lucrative business; it is more difficult to target this generation than the previous ones as Gen Z are dynamic, passionate and tech-savvy. They are constantly on a change for communication channels with friends, perspectives towards different issues and shopping options for their purchases. Knowing the latest trends is a crucial investment in securing this group of consumers. Gen Z no longer confines themselves to one social media, instead they switch around for information and pleasures for different purposes. As Base Creative has suggested, it would be ignorant to continue focusing on your brand’s website without investing in social media. If Gen Z like your images or videos on Instagram and Periscope, you can be assured that they will check out your website (remember it has to be mobile-friendly) on their own motivations. But if you fail to market your presence on these trending social media, you are actually risking a good deal of businesses because your message will never get to Gen Z, no matter how good they are. 


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