Combined brand and business tools. Results greater than the sum of their parts.

With offices in New Zealand, Asia and Europe, we work with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs – and for the past ten years we have helped numerous brands to continue to innovate and break new ground. We've developed a branding process more relevant for companies in 2016 – one that closely aligns with your business strategy, and helps people become believers in your brand.




Combined Brand and Business Strategy

We combine brand and business strategies to produce results not independently obtainable by separate strategies – in short, results that are greater than the sum of their parts. Through integrated workshops, rapid prototyping and research we create agile brand strategies that help brands to keep innovating and breaking new ground.

Surfing Emerging Market Trends

Riding the wave of a trend is a powerful and faster way to market. We study changes in social patterns, including fashion, technology and consumer behaviour, which have an impact on the market and on your brand. We uncover emerging trends in the market that your brand can surf to generate stronger actionable results.

Working in Parallel. Rapid Prototyping

Our clients often need to move fast and don’t have the luxury of taking six months to create a brand strategy. We create immersive brand workshops with our clients to play out several brand positioning ideas and their implications in real time. We are dedicated to efficiency and work in parallel across all aspects of the project.

Mobile First

Today’s markets comprise people on the move. Everything we design and recommend is done with mobile as the primary platform (with the exception of our 3D and events projects, naturally). This means rethinking the whole brand user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), which in turn impacts the type and content of media we create.

International. Creative

We focus on developing first-class creative work – because we know that’s what generates the best commercial results in the market. Good design sells better and is one of the key strengths we leverage for our clients.