News – Base Creative Project Shows Importance of Branding for New Business

13 Jul, 2016

An article on cites Base Creative’s project with Fuelify as an example to emphasise that the core elements of a brand lie not only in its logo, name, tagline or typeface, but also the tangible and intangible sentiments perceived by customers. Hence, how a brand communicates its brand values has a great impact on customers’ engagement. Fuelify is an online health foods provider in the UK that sought help from Base Creative on their brand development. Base Creative had successfully helped them develop the brand strategy, identity and a user-friendly e-commerce site that connects to their customers and enhances their shopping experiences.

The article continues with the notion that a brand is about delivering promises to its consumers. In order to gain customer loyalty, brands need to actively engage in customers’ journey and be consistent in delivering their brand messages. Base Creative has helped numerous brands – well-established companies or start-ups alike – to develop clear and consistent brand messages so as to provide a seamless experience to customers.

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