Forbes Quotes Insight from Base Creative on the Future of TV Advertising

21 Jun, 2016

In a recent Forbes article, Base Creative’s Founder and CEO Matthew Kinsman shares his insights on the importance of keeping abreast of rapidly changing customer requirements. The article examines how in-depth analysis of “big data” offers TV advertisers new feedback on customer reactions and behaviour. Whereas advertisers relied in the past on simple breakdowns of audiences by age and gender, new data analysis technology provides a more sophisticated picture of the return on investment in TV advertising. Consequently TV advertising is expected to become more like digital advertising, with more precisely targeted commercials.

Armed with more informative data models, TV networks are beginning to offer advertisers guarantees of reaching more specific demographics, and are reducing blanket advertising time in favour of more relevant content. But in today’s fast-changing markets, timeliness is vital. Matthew Kinsman reminds advertisers that “three months is the data half-life for many industries. Data mining and other analytical tools can keep your knowledge of your consumers up to date, facilitating rapid response when their needs and wishes change.”


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