Base Creative Shares Insights with Inspired Magz on the Strategic Use of a Brand Story

15 Aug, 2016

Base Creative contributes to Inspired Magz in highlighting the critical role a convincing and enticing brand story plays in the entire brand strategy to connect with consumers. A brand story should be genuine, have a purpose, and underline the key attributes of your brand that sets you apart from your competitors. Once you have determined your brand values and attributes, through consumer research, data collection, and social media engagement, you will be able to identity your target audience and employ the appropriate language to appeal to them. In this way, your brand story will have the persuasive power to convince your potential consumers of the needs of your products or services.

One crucial question a brand should ask itself when developing a brand story – what can your brand offer – from competitive advantages to consumer benefits. One way to find out this is to conduct extensive research on the market landscape and your competitors. Make note of what they do well, and what to avoid so as to improve your services and strengthen your values. Once you have your brand values, key attributes, and competitive edge in place, creating a unique brand language in all channels would make it effective to invoke emotions of your target audience and leave a perpetuating memory of your services in their minds.


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