Social Times Quotes Insights from Base Creative on Mobile Media Marketing in Asia

03 Aug, 2016

In a recent article on Social Times, Base Creative’s founder and CEO Matthew Kinsman offers insights on the vast opportunities American brands can capture in marketing on mobile media in China. With the immense popularity of the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, American brands should ride on the blooming mobile media success and extend their marketing initiatives into the Asian markets, especially the massive China one.

Although the languages, payment methods, and regional cultures may differ, consumers around the world generally make similar purchasing decisions through different channels - Internet searches, in-store enquiries and influences of word-of-mouth. Thus, if American brands are interested in expanding in the China market, the key is to embrace and take charge of influencing the mobile-media-obsessed consumers with local communication adaptations. However, these adaptations should by no mean eliminate the American essence in the products, as this is what the Chinese are attracted to after all.


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