Sprinklr Quotes Base Creative Insights of Creating an Outreach Message to Win Over Influencers

03 Jan, 2017

SnapChat has been recorded with the fastest growth among other social media in the world, with many users being Millennial and Gen Z. This sharing platform has altered how marketers target consumers, and influencer being brand ambassador has become one of the most effective tools in creating buzz for brands and products.

Targeting influencers is a good way of influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions, as they are fond of receiving recommendations from their favourite bloggers, youtubers, etc. However, when soliciting help from influencers, brands need to be aware of their outreach message to differentiate them from competitors, and it should display clearly the unique proposition of the brands in order to win the trust and collaboration of influencers. After all, their viewers support them based on their values, visions and styles, so you do not want to risk tarnishing them. Research carefully who fits in with your brand values and offers to collaborate with the relevant profiles so as to create the most buzz-worthy hype in the market. 


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