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Brand Naming

The linguistic skills to create distinctive names in a range of languages.

Names need to have staying power and go beyond currently trendy buzzwords. They need to be easy to say and remember. A good name should also make it easy to guess the URL of the brand's website if you hear it in conversation.

Selecting a good name requires exceptional language skills - especially for international brands, where the name needs to be acceptable across many cultures.

Base Creative’s multinational team members have the linguistic skills to meet this challenge in a range of languages.

Brand Language

Using language to help define the personality of your brand.

The language used in brand communications sets the tone of voice for the brand. Words and design are some of the main tools for developing the real personality of a brand. We use a consistent style, tone and manner, using key words and phrases that summarize the different qualities of the brand.

This high level of writing demands excellent native language skills which we have in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and German.

Brand Messaging

Engaging the customer in a compelling, authentic way using everyday language.

Good brand stories require language that resonates while being clear and compelling – speaking to the customer in a jargon-free manner that they can identify with. We strive to tell brand stories that inform, inspire and build desire for the product - literally making it something they won't be able to put down until they have read it.

Having written for hundreds of niche industries - some requiring a high technical aptitude, our writers have the vocabulary and stylistic skills to needed to reach any audience at a world-class level.


Breaking through the information overload to capture the customer's attention.

We are all bombarded by a constant flood of promotional messages and advertising campaigns everywhere we look - most of if junk and irrelevant.

The first challenge in copywriting is to capture the customer's attention - through vivid and powerful writing. We arouse the customer's desire to purchase the product or service and induce them to act on the urge.

We understand the subtle complexities of the selling process and consumer behaviour and how to create copy that sells.

New Brand Launch

If you are introducing a new brand to the market, we can help you to undertake market and trend analysis through to brand strategy and brand design. Find out more

Brand Refreshment

Repositioning a brand for the future and adapting to changes in consumer behaviour are areas in which we have considerable experience. Find out more