Distinctive contemporary packaging that reflects the brand identity, engages prospective customers, and helps promote the product. Get in touch about it

Packaging Design System

Packaging that engages the customer through differentiation and first class design.

The shelf is the most competitive marketing environment there is. Your customer's first physical experience of your product is with the packaging – it is the "on-shelf salesman" that explains the emotional and rational product benefits in a meaningful way. The design and overall appearance of the packaging play a major role in defining the product in the eyes of the consumer, as well as drawing their focus in from the clutter around. Base Creative’s design expertise gives you this competitive advantage.

We design packaging that reflects the essence of the brand, sells the product, and appeals to the casual customer who comes across it on the shop shelf – answering all the questions they would have in mind before they make a purchase. Every detail from the Structural Design to the colour scheme to the placement and size of brand symbolism and other identifiers is carefully considered to ensure maximum impact. We design the packaging text to stimulate purchase and inform the consumer of the product benefits.

Well-designed Point-of-Sale materials can complement attractive packaging in capturing consumers' attention in-store, and we also have extensive experience in providing these.

Structural Design

Designing unique packaging that serves as an extension of the product identity.

A unique creative product deserves a unique creative package. For some products, the packaging design is an integral part of the public image of the product. Base Creative’s structural designs for packaging not only protect the contents, but go beyond the traditional four-sided box to match the creativity of the product design with inventive, attractive shapes and styles that stand out on the shelf and enhance the distinctiveness of your product.

We have a clear understanding of the preferences of retailers, shippers and distributors worldwide, ensuring that Base packaging performs efficiently at each stage of the logistical process. Many of our structural designs are versatile enough to self-merchandize, and fit a wide range of in-store display and POS schemes. Where possible we help you to use greener materials and more eco-friendly production techniques.

Point of Sale

Using creativity and differentiation to influence purchasing decisions in store.

Even where a purchase is planned in advance, it is at the point of sale that the final buying decision is made. At this stage, many factors from the way the product is displayed to the salesperson's recommendation can still influence the eventual decision. Our research and insight into consumer psychology allow us to make the point of sale an opportunity to delight the customer with an authentic and relevant experience. Through careful study of the product and the competitive landscape, we create displays that are attractive, impactful and durable.

Today’s customers have greater awareness of marketing tactics, and we need to overcome their cynicism about hype by offering helpful information and above all good value for money. Competitive pricing is the key consideration for point of sale across all retail categories, with convenience, attention to detail and the shopping experience following. At Base Creative we understand the impact of sales promotion incentives and can advise on their effective use.

Product Design

Contemporary product design for a range of industries.

Product design is an extension of branding - but in three dimensions. The principles and processes for creating a product design are very similar to those of designing a brand identity. This is why we have found this discipline very natural and familiar territory, and this has led us to create many product designs for clients. From smart watches and mobile phones to product bottles and kitchen utensils we have the experience to take the brand DNA and embody it in a product design.

New Brand Launch

If you are introducing a new brand to the market, we can help you to undertake market and trend analysis through to brand strategy and brand design. Find out more

Brand Refreshment

Repositioning a brand for the future and adapting to changes in consumer behaviour are areas in which we have considerable experience. Find out more