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APM Monaco is a trendy and sophisticated jewellery brand for fashion forward consumers. As the brand releases a new collection every month following the latest trends, its online platform has become an essential part of its distribution and sales method.


Millions of shoppers now insist on interacting with brands digitally – using their computers, tablets and smartphones – before they decide what to buy, where to buy it or how much they’re willing to pay. Digital interaction, which starts to become more important than brick-and-mortar services, is a challenge in and of itself – how to engage shoppers with the right digital experience and information.

“APM is all about indulging yourself with a timeless piece of trendy and sophisticated jewellery to create a new look. We propose a new collection every month following the latest trends.”

— Kika Prette, Director of APM Monaco

Business Strategy

APM’s proposition is about creating timeless looks with new collections every month following the latest trends. With a high turnover rate, the brand targets young professionals, offering high quality products at affordable prices.

Branding Insight

Conducting extensive trend research on millennials, we positioned the brand between the fine lines of luxury and fast fashion and provided branding solutions that align with the brand’s values and customers’ needs at the same time.

Informed by APM Monaco’s new brand positioning, we needed a new art direction that would resonate with APM Monaco’s audiences – emphasizing the chic and cosmopolitan attitudes that are really the foundations of the brand.

We created a highly contextual art direction, distilled from APM Monaco’s bold and empowering brand image – more appropriate for APM Monaco’s level of feminine familiarity and sophistication.

We looked at the store design from a customer’s point of view, pinpointing and translating what would be considered as a physical experience to a fully integrated online environment.

We created pivot points for customers who crave simplicity to choose what’s right for them in a highly personalized and easy-to-use browsing system. This allows customers to weigh their options just as they would in the physical world.

With over 6 collections and many more sub-categories, APM Monaco needed a disciplined examination of the role of each collection, with the objective to combine or delete as required to achieve greater focus and clarity of offerings.

Base Creative helped to redefine APM Monaco’s visual delivery, with a goal to differentiate it from its past image and other jewellery brands. The reinforced art direction also helps the brand to convey memorable and clear product messages, rather than a muddled collection of details.

To raise the most awareness, we carefully picked cities from countries around the world to best support the brand’s position and cut through the marketplace clutter.

Understanding the level of intimacy needed for APM Monaco’s audiences and the message content, Base Creative selected different media channels to attain the maximum efficiency.

Beyond a full set of art direction and product shooting, APM Monaco also wanted to express the personalized nature of the brand and connect emotionally with its customers.

For customers to truly understand the brand, Base Creative shows the concept behind the art direction. To incorporate this idea, we created an engaging video which invites customers to take a look behind the scenes.

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