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Koala Baby is a pioneering Australian brand which owns their own farm in Queensland, where they grow most of their ingredients onsite. They created a range of organic skincare products first for babies and then later for mothers, which is "good for you, good for your baby, and good for the environment".


Although Koala Baby is the world's leader in the organic baby skincare category, it is not yet receiving the recognition it deserves. The brand approached Base Creative to help them gear up and raise their profile to prepare for their global expansion.

Koala Baby focuses on a single proposition – good for you, good for your baby, and good for the environment – which informs all the brand's strategic decisions and creative directions.

Business Strategy

We undertook research into the market – looking at the skincare industry and the chemicals used, as well as other natural and organic skincare brands. In the market, there are many harmful and cancer-causing chemicals in skincare products, many of them small enough to pass through the skin. Koala Baby's aspiration from its foundation has been to transform the industry, leading it away from this situation and setting a new benchmark for ethical products.

Branding Insight

Research found that it was very hard for concerned mothers to know which brand they could really trust. Trust and safety became so important that the brand strategy was based on taking the position “Gentle purity you can trust”. Koala Baby gives your baby the best possible start in life with skincare that is as organic as scientifically possible – indeed it’s so safe that you can eat it. Koala Baby's brand story reflects its authenticty, starting at its organic farm which ensures the natural purity of many of its ingredients.

A brand slogan is a short and easy-to-remember phrase that helps to clarify and convey the unique brand essence, personality and positioning of a brand, influence the consumer’s buying behaviour and evoke an emotional response.

Koala Baby’s brand slogan, “Gentle purity you can trust” conveys multiple meanings: gentleness to skin, purity of products, and trust in the brand. The slogan implies both that the user can be confident in using the products, and that the claims made for them are accurate and verifiable.

To reinforce consumers’ confidence in the product claims, the packaging needed to suggest that Koala Baby products are soothing and kind to babies’ delicate skin and that they contain no harmful chemicals or additives.

We created a new packaging system so that customers can see the level of organic content in each product -- 100% of ingredients from an approved natural source, at least 95% of them from a certified organic source.

Koala Baby’s mission is to be the world’s leading organic childcare brand. But Koala Baby is not only for babies – their products also provide for the special skincare needs of mothers because of their exceptional gentleness.

Targeted at discerning mothers and pregnant women who want healthy and safe skincare products for their babies and themselves, we created a set of photographs that focus on maternal well-being and the gentle relationship between moms and babies.

It was important to ensure the brand communicates consistently across all touchpoints after launch. A “how-to” guideline was necessary for future marketing activities.

A comprehensive brand book was developed to delineate the requirements the brand needs to meet before initiating any activities, including store design, advertising, PR campaigns, etc.

The Koala Baby product range not only focuses on babies' and moms' skincare products, but also extends to those with sensitive skin, all within the organic philosophy. The intention was to develop Koala Baby into a premium organic chain selling a full range of gentle, organic products to meet the increasing demand for chemical-free skincare products.

We helped Koala Baby to look into their target consumer groups and better categorize different consumer profiles. Undertaking extensive market research, we set up a broad category of consumers who seek safe and healthy natural alternatives to chemical-laden products, within which several distinct consumers groups are defined.

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