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Levant is the first company in the Middle East to do network marketing of products from the Dead Sea. Their products are centred on beauty and wellness – skin care, hair care, and health – and are aimed at both men and women.


Although Levant is the only direct selling company that produces wellness products from Dead Sea skincare through to genetics testing and nutrition, the brand is still relatively new in the crowded market. In addition, Levant wishes to commence operations in other territories in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific market.

In order to attract a new group of audiences, Levant needed to be correctly positioned in the market.

It must offer an attractive value proposition to buyers – one that clearly differentiates it from competing brands.

Business Strategy

Chinese consumers are becoming better educated and increasingly aware of the dangers of chemicals in the products they use, causing them to look for safer, more natural alternatives.

Branding Insight

By positioning Levant as a luxurious and aspirational brand, we refreshed Levant as a brand that provides its customers with endless opportunities and success through the generous rewards that come from using and selling its unique lifestyle products.

Levant offers several lines of healthy lifestyle products, ranging from skin and hair care products for both sexes to two new lines of products based upon genetics and DNA research.

Based on the different product nature and functions of the brands, we helped Levant to define its brand architecture while clarifying and re-designing its sub-brands under two overarching themes – with one focusing on a new product area based on years of global scientific research, and the other on refined luxury, signifying a traditional, sophisticated imagery that is unique in the skin care and beauty category.

With a focus on aligning the business strategy of Levant, we started by undertaking a range of qualitative research and creating a new brand identity that speaks of the healthy lifestyle and beauty of Levant.

By delivering a new design system that is inspired by Middle Eastern totems and sunrise, a word that also translates as Levant in French, we infused the new brand with a sense of hope and optimism – a shared aspiration of our potential customers.

As Levant’s business strategy relies on offering unique luxury products that people can be proud to sell and use, it is important to present the same distinctiveness and sophistication of the products consistently in all of the communication touchpoints.

Designed with calculated sizes and volume, we created a starter kit with multiple layers and folds, portraying the endless opportunities one may explore upon joining Levant. Suggested by the sunrise visual cues, one should feel motivated to start a new career with Levant to pave the way to a better life.

Inspired by the brand’s vision, which is to help consumers to look and live the best, and the target customers who seek better lives for themselves and their family members, we refreshed the brand guide so that it does not only resonate with the long-term strategic plan but can also be sustained for years to come.

With keywords such as warmth, safe, luxurious, positive, and rewarding, we introduced a branding approach that appeals to both women and men, featuring a universal colour palette representative of optimism and success, and a timeless typeface for the brand and its products.

Many of the industry’s players that have been established for longer than Levant lack a user-friendly and easy-to-browse website. For many stakeholders this restricts their depth of interest and understanding. To increase the brand’s recognition and clarity, we need a website that ties strongly to Levant’s business needs.

We looked at the website design from a customer’s point of view, and as a result we created a website that is simple and easy to use so that customers feel motivated to join Levant. In response to the trends in mobile, the website is also made responsive across multiple platforms.

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