Rechargeable energy brand refreshment

TWS is a dynamic, global industry leader focused on energy storage and rechargeable battery solutions. After more than a decade of development, the Group now employs more than 2,500 staff in four continents. In view of this scale of expansion, TWS asked Base Creative to refresh its brand from the ground up – from brand positioning statement to website design.


Brand positioning

Reviewing each of TWS's products, we began to clarify its product line-ups and services, establishing a clear understanding of the company structure in place and the core principles that set the company apart. This enabled a fresh definition of a company-wide positioning statement, “Technology with Spirit”, which speaks volumes of the company as in the forefront of rechargeable energy technology and the pioneering spirit of quality.


Visual identity

Drawing inspiration from its product design, the brand identity is one that brings to mind the brand’s innovative Lithium-ion products. The twin arrows in the negative space at the top of the W point to their other halves below – together they create an alphabet that resembles the electricity symbol. It is a contemporary and understated identity that lives up to the company’s positioning and vision. 











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