Intelligent HQ Features Base Creative as an Agency That Can Help in Brand Activation

18 Jul, 2016

Intelligent HQ’s article outlines the vital steps in bringing a new product to a new market, and one of which is to work with a trustworthy marketing agency to ensure a successful brand activation. Well-established agencies have the expertise to develop marketing strategies to build up the hype, introduce the product, and appeal and attract to its target audience by reinforcing its brand relevance. Outsourcing marketing efforts to agencies make it possible for brands to better utilize their internal resources on product research and development.

As important as it is to have a good product, it is just as crucial, if not more, to create a strategy that is tailored to the market in order to stand out from its competitors. Base Creative has vast experiences in strategy development and has worked with many international brands like Nespresso and APM Monaco on their brand positioning. Through engaging customers in different marketing channels including effective ad campaigns, experiential events, digital and social media, better brand awareness and loyalty can be built over time.


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