We use research, trends and insights to identify and evaluate customers' preferences for particular products, services and brands. Get in touch about it

Market Analysis

Identifying and evaluating customers' preferences for particular products, services or brands.

Our market analysis process gives us an understanding of attitudes, the level of customer awareness, customer behaviour and customer satisfaction in the various segments that make up the market. Our goal is to understand what customers are really looking for – what they find authentic and relevant to their needs.

The results of this analysis indicate need gaps that present you with potential opportunities for growth, as well as areas where the market is already saturated with existing offerings.

Competitive Analysis

Identifying where your brand stands against your key competitors.

A complete understanding of your business requires knowledge of who shares the branding space you seek to occupy, and a recognition of how you can differentiate your brand from theirs. Base Creative’s dynamic data gathering process examines the competition through key touchpoints, including experiencing their services as a customer.

We apply our insight and experience to present our findings as a list of actionable points to help develop a competitive edge for you – identifying on which points the brand can most effectively compete in the marketplace and win. These points then form the basis of our recommended brand strategy.

Trend Analysis

Properly identified and used, a trend can drive the brand forward faster, like surfing a wave.

Trend analysis is the science of studying changes in social patterns, including fashion, technology and consumer behaviour, which have an impact on the market. We work with a variety of research methodologies as well as experts in the field to uncover emerging trends in the market and generate actionable results.

We combine trends with product differentiation to create energy – the combination of a differentiated brand that's riding the wave of a trend is extremely powerful. Where possible we aim to harness more than one trend in the market to drive the brand forward faster.


Identifying and targeting the most promising customer groups for your brand.

Customers tend to buy in "tribes" – groups unified by common characteristics. To be successful, a brand needs to get close to the customers – to identify who they are; what they do; why they buy a certain product or service – and target the segments most likely to be receptive to the brand.

We work with a range of research methodologies and experts to understand customers' needs, inner desires, and lifestyle choices. We aim to go beyond specific demographics – such as geography, culture and language – to uncover and leverage the world view and trends, because customers and businesses are increasingly becoming more global. We provide actionable results, clearly summarized by target segments showing the habits of customers in each.

New Brand Launch

If you are introducing a new brand to the market, we can help you to undertake market and trend analysis through to brand strategy and brand design. Find out more

Brand Refreshment

Repositioning a brand for the future and adapting to changes in consumer behaviour are areas in which we have considerable experience. Find out more