Creating agile brand strategies that define your brand's unique position in people's minds. Get in touch about it

Rapid Prototyping

Developing agile brand and business strategies in real time through brand workshops and rapid prototyping.

Clients often need to move fast and don't have the luxury of taking months to create a brand or marketing strategy – they need an agile strategy, one that can evolve in the short to mid-term. We create immersive brand workshops with our clients to play out several brand positioning ideas and their implications in real time – shortening the strategy process to weeks rather than months.

Brand Definition

Customers don't just buy your product or service – they also buy the experience your brand provides.

We help to define what your brand stands for – your onlyness and essentially what makes you the only company in the world. We then help you formulate an agile brand and business strategy and experience map. Our goal is to help you create a well-defined brand territory – a specific area in the market which you can own.

Brand Positioning

Defining your brand’s unique positioning in the market to differentiate it from the clutter.

At the heart of brand strategy is the positioning of the brand. The combination of price, product, promotion and place creates an impression in the consumer's heart and mind of what the truth behind the brand is. Our goal is to define a unique position for your brand, one where it occupies its own brand territory that competitors cannot easily match.

Brand Architecture

Building a positive synergistic relationship between your parent brand and sub-brands.

While a brand may cover a single product only, it commonly applies to a family of products, or even to a range of unrelated products from the same company. Our brand architecture services help you to plan ahead for future expansion and ensure that naming routes are feasible and future-proof.

New Brand Launch

If you are introducing a new brand to the market, we can help you to undertake market and trend analysis through to brand strategy and brand design. Find out more

Brand Refreshment

Repositioning a brand for the future and adapting to changes in consumer behaviour are areas in which we have considerable experience. Find out more